The Duel

Anime, bullets, and swords with lots of online action



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If the online FPS (first person shooters) offer a brutal gaming experience and hour and hours of play without becoming bored as you move throughout the different scenarios of each game, the online TPS (third person shooters) aren't far behind. In fact, there are many gamers who prefer to view their character to feel more connected to him.

GunZ is an extremely good online TPS. At first, you must create your character and personalize it by selecting a name, gender, hair type, face type, and weapons. This will create the characters so you can see them with their own personality and you can also see the reactions of your character.

GunZ has a mixed anime look, with samurai swords as primary weapons and firearms as secondary weapons. Improve your role and character through obtaining points with each kill, for this will allow for improvements, such as the strength and the weapons of your character. This will assure that there will be action everywhere, with the ammunition to stop the enemy in man to man combat.

Start an online game and let the server place you on maps with players of the same level, to have the maximum fun. The graphics are not bad and the play is very smooth, so you will not have any problems when waste you opponents with gunpowder and kill them.

Requires ijji Reactor. You can create your free account from the game interface.

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